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Guidelines for Good Practice in Pastoral Care

Pastoral care training

Guidelines for Good Practice in Pastoral Care

Guidelines for Good Practice in Pastoral Care is a 2-hour workshop that aims to enable participants involved in the ministry of pastoral care, to become familiar with ACC’s Guidelines for Good Practice and to see how they might be applied to their own context.

Who is the workshop suitable for?

The workshop is suitable for pastoral carers who regularly offer pastoral care and
who may be part of a pastoral care team or initiative.

We encourage and welcome individuals as well as church teams/organisational
groups to come along together but we would like to note that the workshop can
also be delivered on request if your church or pastoral team/group would prefer.

Workshop objectives

Pastoral carers are having to respond to increasingly complex human issues as
multiple stressors affect the health and wellbeing of many in our communities.
Offering what is essentially a ministry of love and navigating these complexities,
can be challenging. Using ACC’s Guidelines for Good Practice, this workshop will
look at some navigational markers and how they might be applied to steer our
way through them. It will use a case scenario to consider:

  • Terms Used
  • Definition and Scope of Pastoral Care
  • Definition of a Pastoral Carer
  • Christian Worldview for Pastoral Care
  • Ethical Values for Pastoral Carers
  • Confidentiality
  • Dual Relationships
  • Care for the Pastoral Carer

Note: The workshop will acknowledge the importance of safeguarding but will
assume and advise that safeguarding training is a requirement for pastoral carers
and will be the responsibility of churches and organisations to provide.

There will be teaching and some opportunity for discussion as we share our
collective wisdom and consider how we might apply our learning.

ACC’s Guidelines for Good Practice in Pastoral Care and a Participants Workbook
will be available.

Next training date

Monday 15 April 2024, 13:00 – 15:00

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