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Coalition for Inclusion and Anti-oppressive Practice

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The Association of Christians in Counselling and Linked Professions (ACC) is part of the Coalition for Inclusion and Anti-oppressive Practice which brings together organisations with a shared mission to improve diversity within the counselling, psychotherapy and psychological therapy professions.

Others coalition members include:

The coalition’s current focus is promoting inclusive and anti-oppressive professional training as part of a greater vision to address further barriers to inclusive practice, particularly in relation to supporting racially and ethnically minoritised communities.

Following consultation with trainers and training providers in February 2021, the Coalition partners have agreed to commission and deploy an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit for Counselling and Psychotherapy programmes. This will support the development of skills, knowledge and understanding for delivering inclusive counselling and psychotherapy training across a range of learning organisations. With an initial focus on race and ethnicity, the primary objectives of the toolkit will be to provide support on three areas of course provision: the institution, the training programme, and the individual tutor.

The first toolkit Race is complicated: A toolkit for psychological therapies training will be launching in October 2023 as an interactive PDF document.

Here is what the authors Marcelline Menyié and Danielle Osajivbe-Williams have shared about the toolkit: “Let’s challenge ourselves – what do race and diversity mean to us? Why does it make us uncomfortable? How can we address it in counselling and psychotherapy? We are inviting you to explore introspectively, reflect and contribute towards change.”