Find professional support

Find professional support

Many of us experience some difficult moments in life and most of the time, we may be able to resolve the issues ourselves, or with the help from trusted friends and family members, in a way that allows us to continue moving forward. There may be occasions when we feel stuck and may need some professional support from an external source to navigate through the challenges.

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How can counselling help

Counselling/psychotherapy provides a carefully arranged opportunity for you to talk through issues or circumstances that are affecting your life, in a safe, confidential space with someone specifically trained to help. You may be experiencing painful feelings, distress or confusion which need space and time where you can think about your concerns in a way you cannot do with family and friends. Counselling/psychotherapy is a space for you to consider the way you feel and how these affect you and others around you.

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What is pastoral care

Pastoral care is a ministry that has many different expressions in the work of the Christian church and in other contexts such as schools, workplaces. In a Christian context it is grounded in the word of God, and the example of Jesus in the way he related to others.

Employee Assistance Service

ACC run an Employee Assistance Service which is open to any organisation that would like to arrange and fund counselling/psychotherapy for employees or associates within their organisation.

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Helpful resources

This list contains established organisations that may be of help. Not all are Christian.

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Find support FAQs

Answers to some of the commonly asked questions about counselling and pastoral care.